Win A Pro-Level Sponsorship for a Scenario Team – From Valken

Once again, Valken is leading the industry in supporting scenario paintball. We are now offering the first Pro-Level Scenario Sponsorship where Valken will help financially support the scenario teams to compete in a league and represent our company.


Valken has selected the MilSim Paintball League as the competitive venue to offer its pro-level sponsorship. The MilSim Paintball League provides team on team competition that is accessible and affordable to everyone who wants to participate while offering the most exciting competitive format to hit scenario paintball! Teams play in a unique mission style games with multiple objectives where each player on the team has their own role. One of the most exciting features of the format is that every game is a different mission, so teams never play the same game twice!


“The MilSim Paintball League has been working to develop the high level organization necessary to take scenario paintball to the next level of competition and professional sponsorships” says James Brea, the League’s Executive Commissioner.


Will Bourgault, Valken Brand Manager, adds, “Valken is committed to growing and supporting scenario paintball and the MilSim Paintball League offers the opportunity for us to recognize and financially assist scenario players”


Sponsored Team Support

Valken will be offering a “Competition Team” sponsorship to teams that win at the Regional and National level in the league. Depending on your teams’ level of success, Valken will pay 100% of the league membership fees, 100% of the field entry fees for all events and provide enough paint to compete in the events. “We pay you to play!” Oh, and we’d also like you to win, after all, you’re representing one of the biggest names in paintball – Valken!


Valken Corps Benefits

As an added benefits, any teams that win the sponsorship that are also registered with the Valken Corps, will receive an additional $500 and $1000 vouchers to purchase Valken gear. This is in addition to covering the costs of your membership fees, field fees and paint, just for being a registered member of the Valken Corps.


Qualifying for Sponsorship

The Valken Pro-Level Sponsorships are open to all teams that play in the MilSim Paintball League in the United States. Whether you’re a newly formed team or have been around for years, if you win a championship, you win the Valken pro-level sponsorship.


To find out more about how to get in on the action, visit


If you’re not already a part of the Valken Corps, you can also sign up for a free at the MilSim Paintball League website to start enjoying the exclusive benefits offered to Valken Corps members. And if you want to play but don’t have a team, fill out the Recruiting Form on the league website to get placed with a local team looking for players

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