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If You Are Planning On Going Off Your Meds and Engaging in a Standoff With SWAT – Don’t Put Your Plans on Facebook

According to the news site (NY), a 29 year old man with bipolar disorder barricaded himself in a house and held off a SWAT team for three hours before surrendering.

He had several pellet and paintball guns in his possession.

According to one of the SWAT officers, the SWAT team gathered intelligence while containing the situation.  Most of their information was obtained from the suspect’s Facebook page.

So for a taste of 68Caliber’s own version of Bill Maher’s “New Rules”*, try these on for size:

1.  Facebook has now become the perfect vehicle for spreading disinformation

2. If you’re going up against the coppers with paintball guns, at least have the decency to do it from the top of a water tower at a chemical plant, and make sure you shout “Top of the world, Ma!” just as everything explodes all around you.  At least we’ll have some good footage.

You can read the whole story here

New Rules is a book and a regular segment on Bill Maher’s HBO show Real Time.

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