‘Jack’ Idema – RIP

UPDATE: 11:14 am EST  (see below for the original story): The DQR website (Mexico) has a report that claims that Jonathan Kieth Idema’s body is currently in a local hospital awaiting reclamation by either family or the US Embassy. (Here en espanol;  use Google Translate for English)

A fair amount of confusion and intrigue surrounds this story and, as some of Kieth’s friends have been noting – ‘he likes it that way’.

More on this story as it becomes available.

According to the Facebook posting of close friends and associates, Jonathan ‘Jack’ Kieth Idema, former owner of Idema Combat Systems (one of the first manufacturers of paintball harnesses) has died in Mexico.

Information is still sketchy at this point in time and no formal obituary has been found as of this writing.

Full official information available here when it becomes available.

‘Kieth’ was a loud, flamboyant and energetic promoter of paintball in its early days, introducing his ICS gear, the ‘Sarge Awards’ (named for his dog Sarge and handed out for a variety of different distinctions at numerous tournaments) and the briefly published Paintball World magazine.

He may be remembered by most as a fiercely loyal friend and a man who believed in personal honor – even to the point of engaging in a fist fight in the trade show at a Lively Masters tournament.

Keith was also constantly in the news for activities ranging from a private hunt for Bin Laden in Afghanistan, for a Federal wire fraud conviction, as a contributor to and a character in Jim Morris’ book The Hunt for Bin Laden and for fighting with the FBI over information concerning nuclear weapons smuggling in Lithuania.

Perhaps the most truthful, accurate and most praise-worthy thing one can say about him is that he was a ‘character’.

68Caliber’s condolences to Kieth’s friends, buddies and family.

One thought on “‘Jack’ Idema – RIP

  1. Wow. Didn’t see that one coming. Always wanted one of his vests back in the day. Deffinately one of paintballs larger than life characters. Hell, I would take him over any of the supposed “pros” any day. RIP man.

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