X-Factor & Valken 2

More Pros Hooking Up With Valken

January 18, 2012     San Antonio, TX – Swedesboro, NJ

 Pro Paintball Team San Antonio X-Factor, will be using Valken Paintballs, Harnesses, and Bottle Covers exclusively in both the NPPL and PSP Pro Divisions.  Joe Colonese, Vice-President at Valken Sports states, “We are very excited to have a team like X-Factor representing our brands in 2012! Alex and his team have shown class and professionalism while maintaining a winning attitude.” Alex Martinez, Owner of San Antonio X-Factor and X-Factor Paintball Park said, “X-Factor is proud to partner with a company like Valken. We feel this partnership provides us with the quality we need to move forward in 2012.”

 Team X-Factor will be getting their fresh Redemption Tournament Grade paintballs direct from Valken’s newest Distribution facility, located in Plano, Texas.

 Valken Sports is a sales, service, manufacturer and distribution company dedicated to serving specific sports communities that has coupled exceptional service with competitive, quality sporting goods. Valken Sports was created to break the stranglehold that mainstream companies had on their dealers. To join the expanding family of fields that have already made the switch to Valken paint, email Debbie@valken.com  Valken is the exclusive distributor of Redemption, Graffiti, Crusade, Fate and Infinity paintballs. For more information on how to become a part of the Valken Network, and have access to over 50 brands of paintball and hundreds of airsoft products, please call 866-97VALKEN or visit www.valken.com

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