Cyndi Poole Becomes Managing Editor of Whos Who in Paintball

Cyndi Poole, long a fixture of the North Eastern and National tournament scene, has accepted the position of Managing Editor for 68Caliber’s Who’s Who in Paintall website.

Ms. Poole began her paintball career officiting at Skirmish USA in 1997.  Fourteen years later and, not only has she managed to put her imprint on the NE’s largest regional tournament league (the GPL), but has also managed to give birth to and raise two children – thus insuring, in her own small way,  the future survival of the sport.

Cyndi Poole moved on from referring at Skirmish USA (one of the best places to learn that craft) to managing their Pro Shop, followed by accepting a similar position at Global Paintball in PA (one of the region’s longest running retail operations).  During that time she was also roped into working on helping to make the GPL what it has become today, serving in a variety of capacities and also managing several teams, including Philadelphia Eclipse, Redz Factory and

In 2006 Ms. Poole accepted a position as Customer Service & Shipping manager at American Paintball Supply (which eventually hooked up with DXS).  She has also worked as a freelance writer and editor for several paintball publications, worked member services for the NPPL, as a referee for PSP and has been an independent sales representative for Dangerous Power.

Currently Ms. Poole works in Internet Marketing, continues to manage things in the GPL (aka MAPL – currently hosting events at OXCC in Chesapeake City, MD) and manages her home team, consisting of Paige and Brooke.

When asked of her new role, Cyndi said

I look forward to managing We need to unite in order to continue to grow this sport, to educate new players about how Paintball started, how it got to where it is today and who has made it what it is today. I have a lot in store for both the website and the facebook page for so stay tuned.

68Caliber (me) is very excited to have Cyndi come aboard and equally excited about her enthusiasm and energy for the project.

Head on over to the Facebook Page (which, in less that 5 hours, is more than half-way to its first 100 members!) and sign up.

Who’s Who in Paintball was started as a way to visually catalog the history of the individuals involved in creating, managing, changing and playing the great game of paintball.

Who is who in paintball?  ANYone who plays.  You may not be a captain at the helm of the Good Ship Paintball.  You might even still be wet behind the ears (cause you haven’t learned to clean off ALL of the old hits yet), but that doesn’t matter.  If you’ve played paintball, then you are already someone in paintball!

Managing Editor Cyndi Poole will be re-designing the site and will shortly be accepting images and bios – so sign up on the Facebook page and make sure you don’t miss any important announcements.

Who’s Who in Paintball currently has a Main Gallery that features all of the members listed in alphabetical order.  There are also galleries for special subjects, such as Teams, Industry, Media and more.


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