That Word You Keep On Using. I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

You might not have noticed, but “content mills” are spewing out millions of words daily, on just about any subject you’d care to mention.

Like spam, this (so-called) content is designed to draw the attention of search engines so that you’ll see an ad, click on it and make someone a couple of pennies off of your trouble.

We do a LOT of internet searches here at 68Caliber and there is no doubt that it’s on the increase.  Usually annoying and almost always a time-waster, this kind of stuff does occasionally yield a chuckle or two.

Like this selected paragraph from an article that we think is the victim of automated translation, entitled: Airsoft vs Paintball – In which Recreation Do you want to Just like the Perfect

The primary difference is the power with the guns independently. Paintball marker pens are powered by big powered energy cylinders while airsoft rifles fire projectiles frequently through springs, electronic heating mechanisms or with pressurised gas. The catch is that nearly all airsoft marker pens lack the range and accuracy for the larger paintball guns given that they were never made with long wide variety fire in your mind.

Regardless of what they’re talking about,  (or regardless of whatever it is they think they’re talking about), I know one thing fer sure.  I do not want long wide variety fire in my mind.

You can read the rest HERE.  Extra points for corrected translations in the comments.

One thought on “That Word You Keep On Using. I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

  1. It’s a pen… NO! It’s a cylinder powered marker.

    I’d rather see poor garbled content than someone scraping and reposting my content.

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