For Just $69.95 YOU Could Be Sentenced To LIFE On PBX3

First of all, if your paintball field or store listing has been in the PaintballX3 Directory during the past three years–thank you! We appreciate your support. After a year of working on a new directory system we have now come up with the best possible way to reach players, at the lowest possible cost to you.

For $39.95 per year, or $69.95 for life, we are now offering a listing in all EIGHT of our websites AND our TWO digital magazine. The combined readership of these 10 entities is well over 125,000 unique visitors per month. Here’s what you get for your dollar:

Directory listing at ,,,,,,, and PLUS, a directory listing in both our European and US versions of our Digital Magazine (with links back to your store/field).

We have completely redesigned the Field and Store Directory (See here) to include not just the business name, address, phone and URL, but to include a 90 character description of your paintball business.

You can see how this will work here: (US)

OR here in Europe. Keep in mind all sites will have their local directory first (Europe in the Euro issue, US in the regular X3 issue/site, etc.).

Ready to get started? Click here ( to make your PayPal payment and get your store/field listing up and running today (literally).

Thanks for your continued support!
John Amodea, President, PaintballX3 LLC

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