X3 Goes Postal…errr Europe

PaintballX3 Announces New European Portal Website and Digital Magazine – 100% European Coverage

And That’s Just The Beginning!

Occoquan, VA: PaintballX3 LLC has announced today the release of its new European paintball website portal and digital magazine, PaintballX3 Euro. With 100 percent European coverage, written, filmed and shot by the best in the game in Europe, PaintballX3 Euro’s unique and original content will be everything players have come to expect from PaintballX3. The PaintballX3 Euro website portal will provide players and enthusiasts with daily coverage of all aspects of the game of paintball in Europe, while the monthly digital magazine will feature tournament coverage, scenario games, gear reviews, interviews, news, and more. PaintballX3 Euro will cover all of Western Europe – from Denmark to Spain and all regions between.

Long time paintball player, writer and photographer, Ami Helge has been hired as PaintballX3 Euro’s editor. Based in Sweden, Ami has been a huge part of the paintball community for almost a decade and her written works and photos have been published in Paintball 2Xtremes, PaintballX3, and at Hybrid-Foto.com, her photography company’s website. Brenda Seefeldt, PaintballX3’s Publisher commented, “Ami is at paintball fields, stores, and events all around Europe literally on a weekly basis. I can’t think of anyone that knows more about what’s happening in European paintball than she does.”

“We’re excited to be taking this next step forward. Our vision has always been to cover paintball worldwide, with local writers and photographers who know the game in their regions, and that’s what we’ve done with PaintballX3 Euro,” X3 President John Amodea noted.  PaintballX3 Euro’s Editor Ami Helge added, “I am extremely pleased to be working with PaintballX3 to produce a European-only magazine. I am looking forward to meeting teams, players, and of course organizers from tournaments and big games around Europe.  I have already started to form a top notch team of photographers and writers from all around Europe to help bring players the best magazine we possibly can.”

PaintballX3 is also pleased to announce plans to release two more website portals and magazines in 2012. Following the same path as PaintballX3 Euro, PaintballX3 UK and PaintballX3 EuroEast will provide coverage of the game of paintball throughout the UK and Eastern Europe respectively through their own region-specific web portals and digital magazines. We’ll be announcing more news on these two ventures in the future. In the meantime you can follow the progress of both of these website portals at www.PaintballX3EuroEast.com and www.PaintballX3UK.com.

PaintballX3 Euro: www.PaintballX3Euro.com
PaintballX3: www.PaintballX3.com
X3’s Tech Website: www.Tech.PaintballX3.com
History of Paintball: www.History.PaintballX3.com

For advertising information please visit: www.paintballx3.com/our-advertisers/advertise.html

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