New Paint Gun From Nelson!

Editor’s note: when I saw the press release for this new product from Nelson, I requested images and a formal write-up from Rick Louys of that company.  Yes, I know full well that the headline is a come-on and that these “paint guns” are not the kind that most of the audience is interested in.  But I am always looking for ways to illustrate how paintball-related companies engage with the wider world, and to point back a little bit at our history;  Nelson is, after all, the first company to produce paint balls – even if they weren’t for shooting at people.)

After carefully listening to customer feedback and observing the operation of the D-103 Marking Gun over a period of more than 30 years, Nelson Paint Company has developed a new gun as a replacement.

The new DT-105 Marking Gun will be constructed of heat-treated Aluminum, and will allow the customer to make a choice between either the shorter two-finger Aluminum HW-3 Trigger or the longer three-finger HW-4 Trigger,  which will also be constructed from Aluminum.

The DT in the name DT-105 stands for Dual Trigger, signifying the availability and interchangeability of either the short or the long trigger according to the customer’s desire.

The DT-105 will come standard with a plastic cylinder, which has been found to be as impact-resistant as the metal cylinder, and far superior to the metal cylinder in durability. With extended chemical exposure the metal cylinders suffer from pitting and corrosion and require replacement at much more frequent intervals than the plastic cylinder.

The new DT-105 will not require an adapter to attach to the Nel-Spot quart can. The parts on the new DT-105 gun will have 99% interchangeability with the D-103 and LT-104 Marking guns.

Nelson has an extensive spare parts inventory and will for the foreseeable future continue to offer parts and service for the D-103 gun, but the D-103 Gun itself will not be available after inventory on hand is sold.

The new gun will retail for $187.99, less expensive than the D-103 Gun, offering a combination of lower price and higher quality and more options for the user. Nelson Paint will offer the same customer satisfaction guarantee on the DT-105 Gun as we do on all of Nelson Paint’s products.

The DT-105 Marking Gun will be available in early July, 2011. During the interim period Nelson Paint’s LT-104 Dura-Built Marking Gun will be available for purchase.

For more details, contact Nelson Paint Company Forestry Sales at (800) 236-9278 or visit

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