Unique Gun Stolen From Master Blasters

Rob Navas of the Master Blasters had his Bob Long Victory stolen at Ground Assault Paintball in NJ this past weekend.

If you were at the Boston NPPL event when the Blasters took on the All Americans, you’d know why this was such a silly thing to do.

Which means that chances are good that everyone in the tri-state area is looking for a younger player.

Actually, Rob is just looking to get his gun back – no questions asked.

If YOU are the perpetrator, realize that you have made a monumental mistake: the Master Blasters team, players, friends and associates spans the entire country and the entire paintball community. There are tens of thousands of pairs of eyes now looking out for this gun.

Please do the smart, intelligent and RIGHT thing and return it to its owner.

You can do so anonymously by contacting Rob at BIGGUNZ70@AOL.COM


you can contact the editor at 68Caliber to arrange for an anonymous return either by calling 339-227-8807 or emailing editor@68caliber.com. No recordings or caller ID will be made or used. Our interest is entirely in getting the gun back into Rob’s hands.

One thought on “Unique Gun Stolen From Master Blasters

  1. HAs it been reported as stolen and the serial number entered into NCIC so it can b e tracked and pop up as stolen if its ran? If not I highly reccommend that be done

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