Skirmish USA to Host Muthers of Destruction Reunion: Help Locate Missing Muthers!

Skirmish USA, one of paintball’s premiere playing facilities and one of the longest continuously operating fields in the country will be hosting a reunion for the MUTHERS OF DESTRUCTION, the field’s first “home” team.

Organized in late 1983 and early 1984, the Muthers of Destruction was one of paintball’s first competition teams (and is immortalized as such in Bill Barne’s Paintball! Strategies and Tactics book – the first book written about the game).

The Muthers were organized by Steve Davidson at the request of Paul Fogel, Skirmish’s owner; the team would place first in a regional competition hosted at Skirmish just one week prior to the first-ever PBGA North American Championships tournament, also hosted at Skirmish USA. The Muthers placed fourth at that event and would go on to take first at Skirmish’s regional tournament three times over the next four years.

The team was originally made up of Skirmish staff and regularly attending players (just about every single player who put in an appearance at the field more than two weekends in a row).

Players on the team were regularly tapped by Paul Fogel to provide training and assistance to newbies. There are undoubtedly thousands of players from around the country who benefited playing with and against the team.

For a number of seasons a regular feature at Skirmish was the Muthers and Uthers game. Members of the team (however many happened to be at the field that day) would take on everyone else at the field for a ‘last game of the day’. Despite the fact that the odds were frequently 12 to 15 to one (and 24 to 1 on one memorable occasion), the Muthers maintained an unbroken winning streak.

The reunion will take place at Skirmish USA in the Poconos on May 14th, 2011.

Several notable members of the team remain unaccounted for, particularly co-captain Vic Thomas (last seen somewhere in the Killeen/Ft. Hood region of Texas),Vinnie,

Ron Stark,

Rich Schmidt

and numerous others.  The images below show numerous incarnations of the team as well as some of those who are missing.  If you know of anyone who once played for the Muthers of Destruction, please have them get in touch either here at 68caliber or on the team’s Facebook Page

The event will also serve as a memorial dedication to Pete ‘Ghost’ Miller, a player who was a friend to all and an unseen phenom on the field.  Pete’s memory will be dedicated at the field.  His son and possibly other members of his family will be in attendance.

Several of the Muthers would go on to form the Werewolves of NJ/PA team and many of them are still playing today.

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