Valken Paintball Sponsors Master Blasters for 2011 Season

Valken Paintball has partnered with the Master Blasters and the Master Blasters Traveling Road Show for 2011.

Kevin Donaldson, the team’s Captain is very pleased to be using the Valken V-Tac line of products.

Following several months of personally field testing the V-Tac line in Tournament Woodsball play said that it’s “the most durable and comfortable clothing I’ve used in 25 years of Paintball”.

If any other companies wish to support the game’s longest continuously operating competition team and its new international incarnation (Traveling Roadshow) of some of the best, brightest, most influential and important personalities in the sport, feel free to contact Kevin rough (Just to give you some idea, here’s a list of some of the roadshow members: Bob Gurnsey,Steve Davidson,Chuck Hendsch,Dan Colby,Steve Cusano,Sal Briguglio,Biff Thiele,Tom Ghee,Mike Grubb,Joe West,Rob Navas,Rene Boucher,Josh Silverman,Glenn Palmer,Doug Brown,John Amodea,Andy Van Der Plaats,Gino Postorivo,Bo Davidson,Jim Lively,John Korkowski,Bambi Bullard,Craig Miller,Tom Cole,Carmen Borgia, Mike”Fritz”Renner,Pete”Mr. U”Utschig,Pat”Church”Mauro
Rich Martinez)

You can visit the team on Facebook here

(Full disclosure: sponsors the Master Blasters & the Traveling Road Show and it’s editor in chief is on the team – fat lot of good it does them….)

4 thoughts on “Valken Paintball Sponsors Master Blasters for 2011 Season

  1. hey steve thanks for ur support in cali had a blast thanks for valken too i have there vtac tiger strioe they are awesome comfortable and reaaly durable see u soon on the field

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