Paintballer Travel Advisory for Amtrak

According to Fox News, Amtrak – the nation’s passenger rail carrier – is once again allowing passengers to take their firearms with them on the train –

as long as they are handled in the proper manner.

The new regulations for train travel also cover BB guns and Paintball guns.

Among the requirements noted are:

24 hour notification to Amtrak
storage of the “gun” in an approved, hard-sided and lockable case
travel to and from stations that have checked baggage service.

At least now you’ve got an option if you don’t feel like getting all warm and cuddly with the TSA reps at the airport.

(I swear on all that’s holy, the next time I fly I’m either going through the pat down naked or will be making a BIG show of exactly how much I’m enjoying the ‘personal attention’.)

If you think the rails might be an option or just prefer traveling on trains, check out the rest of the details HERE

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