Editor Appointed to Paintball’s Who’s Who Website

Todd Sullivan, a New York area player, has been appointed to the position of Editor for the Who’s Who in Paintball website. Todd will be responsible for gathering images and biographies for placement on the site, identifying additional individuals to add to the database and creating new galleries that focus on specific aspects of the sport and the industry (for example, a Who’s Who in Paintball Manufacturing, Who’s Who in Paintball Scenario Teams, etc.).

Here’s Todd with a little bit about himself: I started playing paintball in 93-94 with a group of friends in their backyard.  My parents didn’t like paintball because it encouraged shooting violence, so they thought.  I hid it from them for several years until the guys I shot around with stopped playing due to life obligations and expense of the sport.  Since I lost my shooting buddies, I lost track of the sport to only play occasionally from time to time.

In 2008, one of my best friends, Jeff Monaghan, got into paintball and so did I…only in a huge way!  I was from then, forever bitten by the bug. We developed a woodsball/scenario team called Evil Streak.  We played in a few public games, became sponsored by Montgomery Sporting Goods in Montgomery, NY when we met up with another guy, Keith Zuckert who was falling out of love with his current team.  After getting to know him and shooting together, we started a new team called, War Hounds.

We have taken the War Hounds team name very far in our short existence.  I am the Team Capt., and continue to aid the team into 2011 with a very strong stride. The War Hounds now and forever call Paintball Sports Inc. in Plattekill, NY, owned by Jerry Braun and Chris Masi, our home field.  Being at PSI has given me (and the team) so many opportunities to develop myself in the sport.  I was invited out to play in Chicago for the UWL at The Badlandz Paintball Park in July 2010, and was given the chance to play with many of the best, most known and longest standing players in paintball by playing for the Master Blasters while in Chicago.

I met Kevin Donaldson, Steve Davidson and others involved with the Master Blasters, and after playing with this great group of individuals, I was invited to become an Honorary Member of the Blasters.  WOW!  I couldn’t believe I was being invited to play for one of the most prestigious, most famous and historical teams in the sport!  Ever since I joined the team, I learned from the elders (sorry guys!) what being a Master Blaster means.  It means being a leader, an ambassador of the sport, someone who helps put the sport in front of themselves as an individual and helps make the sport available for the next generation to love and get completely addicted by…oh yeah, and actually play once in awhile!

The sport has made me re-realize my original career path out of high school through my studies in Physical Sciences.  I am studying to become a Certified Personal Trainer and NY State Certified Athletic Coach.  By doing so, I hope to further help people of all physical backgrounds, as well as budding paintball players of all levels of play.

Contact and submission information for Todd will be posted to the Who’s Who in Paintball website shortly, and Todd will be adding his own image shortly as well. Welcome aboard, Todd!

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