Florida Sports Foundation Awards Grant Money To World Cup

The News Chief website (FL) reports that the PSP World Cup event will be receiving a grant from the Florida Sports Foundation.  Here’s the quote:

During its quarterly meeting in September, the foundation’s board of directors voted to award $123,000 in regional grants. The paintball event’s share of the grant money was not disclosed in a Florida Sports Foundation press release.

(emphasis ours)


You do know we do really watch what the rest of the world is saying about paintball, right?  Here’s an example of exactly what we mean.

A few days ago there was another news item regarding this grant, but we didn’t run it because the link to the story returned a “what you’re looking for ain’t here” response.

Interestingly enough though, the summary of the story DID contain an amount. Here’s that quote (from our news aggregator):

The Ledger

Approved a grant agreement to secure $8500 to support the 2010 Paintball Sports Promotions World Cup. Delayed action until Nov.
See all stories on this topic » 10/7

The Ledger is one of the newspaper websites collected under the News Chief website, so we think it’s a pretty safe bet that the original announcement of this story contained the amount of the grant for PSP, but then someone said ‘hey, wait a second!’ and the story was taken down, eventually replaced with what you can read today on News Chief.

I can think of two good reasons why that might have happened.  Either the individual grant amounts were never supposed to be disclosed OR the amount that went into print was an incorrect amount ($850, $85,000?).

I can think of a few reasons why someone wouldn’t want the amounts to be disclosed….

What do you think?  Is $8500 a decent amount? What do they get to do with that money?  The article states that the Florida Sports Foundation’s estimates are for 4,500 visitors and 2.7 million in revenues associated with the event.  (250 teams are mentioned as well.)  They’re spending $1.89 per head to bring in $2,700,000.

Great deal if you can get it.  In reality, the 2.7 million projection is for just about everything generated by the event – hotels, meals, fun parks, booze, cigarettes, tissues, rental cars, gasoline, you name it.

The numbers also mean that the FSF expects each person to be spending $600 bucks on average for all of the above.

If FSF operates like a visitor’s bureau, it means things like contacting their mailing list with promotions for the event, putting up some signs around town, working with hotels, attractions, restaurants and bars for discounts for attendees, that kind of stuff.

Good for PSP.

3 thoughts on “Florida Sports Foundation Awards Grant Money To World Cup

  1. Oh, certainly. It was just funny to see the snippet that did leak through. Someone got yelled at over that. Before I had retrieved the original news article, my memory said that PSP had been awarded $85k, not $8500, which would have been significant had that been the case.
    But I mostly wanted to raise folks awareness that this kind of thing does happen, is happening for paintball and ought to be taken advantage of.
    Thanks for the comment, Chris

  2. It’s pretty standard for CVBs to not disclose amounts, or at least only do so in some form you have to go to their office to see. Keeps the grant recipients from doing the “Why did they get more money than me?” thing, and keeps the public happier (No “How could they waste $X on (activity I don’t like?”)

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