Chameleon Paintball Coming from Cousins

Get ready for a BIG CHANGE in the Game of Paintball!
• Are you tired of the same tournaments with the same guys every weekend?  We’ve got something NEW!
• Do you want more choices and more control when you play in a paintball tournament? The game you want is here…
• Hate missing tournaments because you don’t have enough players? That’s about to change.
• Feel like your gun “isn’t good enough” to play in a paintball tournament? We’re changing the rules so anyone can compete: pumps, semi, electros, even pistols.
• Looking for a new game format where teamwork and strategy count? Check it out, coming soon…
• Want a place where old-school, new-school, tournament, recreational, and mil-sim players can all compete on a level playing field? This could be the biggest change paintball has ever seen…
• Looking for a paintball tournament you can afford, in a fun format anyone can play? We’ve got the answer for you.
The Game that Changes Everything!

It’s time to throw away everything YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW ABOUT PAINTBALL, because Chameleon is here … the game that changes everything.

Cousins Paintball, trendsetters in the game, launches a brand-new paintball format, the biggest change in the sport since X-Ball, an exciting adventure designed to appeal to players of all ages and ability levels.

With unique but easy-to-follow rules, the ultimate flexibility to build your team of ANY SIZE, and use ANY STYLE PAINTBALL GUNS, plus SUPER-LOW ENTRY FEES, Chameleon is YOUR GAME.

Many fields and games say they’re made “for the players,” but (if you haven’t already guessed), Chameleon is different. First, you build your team. Then, you build your gear. Then get on the field and face off in an exciting-but-simple center flag format. It’s that easy… and that much fun! You’ve never experienced so much freedom on the paintball field before.

Sure, there are a few rules to keep things safe and fair. But we’re changing everything you thought you knew about the sport for this game that turns tournament paintball on its head.

It’s not 3-man. It’s not 5-man. It’s not 7-man or even 10-man. It’s not pump, semi, or electro. Chameleon is the game that YOU MAKE IT. That’s right. Read on to find out how to play.

Each team of players receives a number of “credits” you can use to “buy” your players on the field. How many players do you want? That’s your choice! Go out with your full roster or three heavy gunners. You decide.

Once you have your players, use your remaining credits to buy their gear. Electronic guns cost more than semis, semis more than pumps, and if you have a brave soul who wants to go out there with a pistol, that’s the lowest price of all.

Arm your team strategically with sharpshooters and heavy hitters for the ultimate tactical paintball advantage, then take to the field to capture the flag from your opponents in an action-packed, adrenaline-pumping 12-minute game.

That’s it. Really. We don’t have 12 pages of rules for you to read and memorize. You pick your players, create your game and go play some paintball. How’s THAT for a change?

Oh yeah. We mentioned low entry fees. We’ll be releasing our super-low prices soon, but we guarantee the entry fees won’t cost more than a day of rec-ball at Cousins Paintball — and with enough players on your team, it will cost a lot less!

Still worried about cash?
Save money by playing with semis. Less balls per second = less paint.

Hey, big spenders… it’s okay. You can still use your electro with the hopper that feeds 30+ balls per second. No one will hassle you about it. You made the choice, you used your credits … that’s Chameleon, the Game That Changes Everything!

Join us to make history rolling out this exciting new paintball format on October 30, 2010 at Cousins Paintball – Long Island in Coram, NY.

EVERYONE is Invited!

Download The Chameleon Team & Gear Chart

Cousins Paintball
513 Commack Road
Deer Park, NY 11729

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