Mock Up of Historic Marker (front and back)

68Caliber was VERY PLEASED to hear today from Mary Kate at the New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources.  The roadside marker project designed to commemorate the location of paintball’s first formal game is now one step closer to happening.

According to Mary Kate (who oversees the marker application process) says that

this will be an excellent addition to New Hampshire’s marker program when it is finished

Paintball’s roadside marker has now made it through the first portion of the review process: all of the necessary and required paperwork has been submitted and accepted.

There are a few changes that have been requested for the wording of the marker, and a final review of the accuracy of the historical citations still needs to go through its formal review (no issues anticipated with that one – not with eye-witness testimony on hand to back it up!); the text changes will be proposed here on 68Caliber first to give you all a chance to review and comment (and contribute if you so desire).

That brings us up to date on this project: we’ve successfully navigated the research, petition and application parts of the program. It won’t be too much longer before you all can stand in front of that sign!

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