CSPO Goes Mobile for Paintball

In conducting limited market research from our membership, we have
determined that in large part for some users it is difficult to remain
active on our site because they often use their mobile to keep in touch.

In response to this, we have added a feature to our site to make browsing from a mobile device faster and easier.

To access the mobile friendly site, either visit CSPO on your mobile and
click the “Mobile Friendly” link at the top of the page, or key this URL
into your browser’s bookmarks and save it:


The pages show only 10-16K of data usage so browsing the pages will not adversely effect your mobile data usage for billing purposes, and the pages load significantly faster and with more ease of use than visiting the main page using a small screened device.

Not all features are working, and we are looking at developing a Google =
Android and iPhone applications for checking your private messages easier.

In the meantime, if you check your email and websites on your mobile, you =
can now do this on CSPO easily, quickly, and efficiently.

Thanks for supporting CSPO.

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