Woodsball World Cup Weekend!

Do you live in or near the New York Metropolitan area? If you’re within a couple of hours, you might very well want to think about joining 68Caliber, Paintball News, Paintball X3 and the New York Daily News at Paintball Sports New York for this weekend’s inaugural WOODSBALL WORLD CUP!

It’s too late to get in to play, but there’s still going to be plenty for everyone to do: we’ve got tournament paintball legends (Nicky Cuba, Mooner, Frank Connell, Chuck Hendsch and Darryl Trent, Robert “Rosie” Rose, Dennis “Mooner” Mood, Bart Blonski and Alex Lundqvist, Renick Miller, Tommy Cole, along with many other members of the Master Blasters Traveling Road Show), a trade show featuring Valken Sports, a rumored goodie-bag giveaway, player’s party and plenty of hard-hitting, in the woods, ten player, mech-marker, paintball played the way it was meant to be action to watch.

Taking place on the 20th anniversary of the world’s first World Cup Paintball tournament, at the legendary Survival New York field (now named Paintball Sports NY), this is an event that you will regret missing – if you miss it.

Come on down and hang out with some of the folks who have made this industry what it is, taught everyone how to play real competition paintball and who know how to have a great time in the woods.

Heck, there’s gonna be so much press on hand, you might even get your picture in the papers!

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