Free 72 Hour Trial Subscription to PB Business Journal

Free 72 Hour Trial
If you’d like to take the Paintball Business Journal for a FREE 72 Hour Test Drive, simply Create an Account and we’ll set up your trial subscription, giving you instant access to the entire site’s contents. If you like what you see, pay the discounted $50 off rate here, if not, at least you got to enjoy the many resources we provide at no cost to you. Enjoy!

Paintball Business Journal Subscription SALE, $50 off a 1-Year Subscription

Sign up before September 22, 2010 and get $50 off a One Year Subscription to the Paintball Business Journal Website. Subscribers get access to all of the site’s articles (more than 100), and a year’s worth of new articles published here every Monday and Thursday. Pay here using PayPal and we’ll get you started today. Sign up for a Five Year Subscription and pay just .50 cents per week.

Coming Next Week

If you sign up you will not only have access to the entire site and its 100 articles, you will be the first to get the scoop on the new hi-tech paintball that is being released next month by Hydrotec. We’ll have an exclusive interview with the company’s founder Paul Ciesiun. We’ll also have a brand new player survey you won’t want to miss.

Here are a few of the articles that are available for FREE if you take us up on our FREE trial subscription.

Retail “SWAP MEETS” Draw Players out of the Woodwork!
Going Viral Doesn’t Mean Mass Advertising
The Paintball ZONING VARIANCE Presentation
The High Cost of Cheap Paint
Five Minute Store Makeover

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