Paintball’s Roadside Marker Scheduled for Review

Mock-up of proposed wording for the marker

68Caliber received word today, via email, from the New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources, that the historic event roadside marker commemorating the location of the first paintball game ever held (in Henniker, NH on Saturday, June 27th, 1981) will be receiving it’s first formal review (working towards final approval) on September 23rd, 2010.

One major step forward!

68Caliber would like to thank the following folks for their support and participation:

Bob Gurnsey, one of paintball’s creators

Alex and the crew at AG Paintball in Weare

Dave and the crew at OSG Paintball in Barnstead, NH

The folks at

Omere Luneau, paintball’s first “field finder”, without who’s visit and affidavit, verifying the location in a formal manner would have been far more difficult

All of the people who signed the petition (we had WAY more signatures than were needed)

and Mary Kate of the NH Division of Historical Resources.

There are other people to thank as well – but we’ll wait for the next announcement to do that – these are the industry folks who have stepped up to fund the project.

We’ll have more come September 23rd!

Petition-signer’s names will shortly be added to the petition page on this site;  you can find this and more information about this project under the History tab at the top of the page.

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