Nominations For PB Woman of the Year Now Open For 2011!

The nomination phase for 2011 Paintball Woman of the Year is
now open! Nominate the women you feel best represent paintball as a
respected and accomplished player. PBWoman of the Year is an award
given to honor a female player who excels in all aspects of paintball.
All female player nominees will be considered and added to the list of
nominations for this award, however many of the achievements
considered to win this award may be in national level tournaments,
scenario commander roles, awards, honors within their team, or other
work within the industry and community.

The awards ceremony and the prize package will be at CPX Sports Living Legends 4 produced by Viper. For this reason it will be
mandatory for the 2011 PBWoman of the Year to attend the event.
Admission, a case of paintballs and air courtesy of CPX Sports. All
donated team sponsorships will go toward her travels expenses. The
award recipient will be announced March 1, 2011

To be eligible 2011 PBWoman of the Year you must be nominated
and answer a biographical questionnaire. Our sponsors and a panel of
nine respected player judges will determine the award winner.

Here is our judging panel for 2011:

Bambi Bullard, our 2010 award winner, was founder of The
Paintball University, owner of Coastal Paintball and is a retired U.S.

Bea Paxson, known for her skills on field and her work
encouraging female players and has the team captain of Destiny.

Anne ‘Kitty’ Wandel, Saved university and collegiate paintball
in the UK, ran the league, and trained and coached several new teams over there as well. Probably best know for her love of urban play but will play all styles of paintball. She is also known for her work with

Jessica Sparks, known for her player skills in addition to her
work as previous editor of APG magazine and outstanding work within
the community for the last decade.

Johnny ‘HazMat’ Valdez from Team BlackList. He’s 43 years old
and lives in San Antonio, TX. He runs with a Worr Games Karnivor as
his primary marker. He enjoys building things one of his favorite
things to build are LAWs.

Dave Cilio is described by many as ?a machine.? He is known for
his outstanding skill as a player and his devotion to health and
fitness has a personal trainer. He plays both tournament and scenario.

Thomas ‘Troll’ Taylor, from Team XSV known for his skills has a
tournament player.

Sonny Lopez, team captain of the LA Hitmen known for his skill
has a tournament player.

Douglas ‘Monty Doom’ Montgomery, a member of Blues Crew, is
known for work within the industry and with much of the media
including PaintballX3 and his determination as a player. Diagnosed
with Multiple Sclerosis, he has fought his way out of a wheelchair
multiple times.

Please check out htt:// for details on how to
nominate your choice for 2011 PBWoman of the year.

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