Maybe some of you noticed the new menu tab on the site – Historic Marker. Maybe you didn’t.  Regardless, we’re sticking this one in the featured section to make absolutely sure that you DO see it.

Mock Up of Historic Marker (front and back)

Right now we are in the process of having a roadside marker installed at the site of the very first game of paintball to commemorate the game, the creation of paintball and to thank all of those who have helped create our favorite sport.

If you click on that menu tab, you’ll see a drop-down menu for a whole bunch of things, including a petition, a place to make donations and a mock-up of what the marker may look like when it is finally in place.

You’ll also notice that there’s space on the web pages for us to give some props to the folks that help make this happen – YOU.

Everyone who signs the petition and everyone who contributes (even if it is only a single dollar) will be listed and recognized on a web page devoted to the placement of the marker – our way of saying thank you!

So let’s get the ball rolling:  if you live in or have a paintball business in New Hampshire, download the PDF of the petition and start getting names!  If you have a couple of bucks left over from the weekend, drop ‘em in the paypal account.  If you can’t do anything else – spread the word!

A Facebook page devoted to getting the marker placed can be found HERE

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