DeadBox Media & NE’Canes Paintball Documentary

Birth of a Storm was brought to our attention by BallersCafe (an excellent, somewhat westcoasty paintball website); the documentary is supported by ProPaintball (another excellent website for ‘ballers) and is being produced in conjunction with Jeff Stein’s New England Hurricanes operation.

68Caliber has seen just about every paintball vid there is to see – beginning with the premiere of PUSH (the Brian Benini production covering the NPPL at the start that kind of really got this whole pbvid thing going) and we’re here to tell you – Birth of a Storm is a keeper!

The camera work is spectacular, narration (especially the opening piece) is ‘dead’ on and the story is a compelling one. Give it a watch.

Two ten minute segments have been released via Youtube and are embedded here for your viewing pleasure:

Part 1:

Part 2:

You can get the latest on ‘Birth’ by visiting the ‘Canes Youtube channel or by signing in on their Facebook page

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