Paintball Road Trip: Don Sutherland Live From Castle Conquest

Players are steadily streaming in to the iconic EMR for Spring Castle 2k10!  I met with a couple of teams as they were hard at work preparing logistics and tactics aka drinking, for the big event tomorrow.  I stopped for a few minutes and met a relatively new team out of the conneticut area called Burly Bastards.
I spoke with team founder Steve “medic” Cook. He explained to me that some were former team Delta Members and they created this offshoot to meet their specific needs.  The team consists of a tight group of ballers who really just want to go out every event for the fun that comes with events like Castle Conquest.
Burly Bastards formed for more than one reason though. Not too long before the actual formation of the team, there was a tragedy in medic’s personal life. A close friend on both the field and off died well before his time.  So in memorium was born Team Burly Bastards.
At the moment, the team consits of about 22 members and they do mostly local games and try to get to some of the biggest. Although the team is growing, not just anyone can join. The first requirement is that you can ball with the best and how you mesh with the team off the field is a close second.

Although the team has no sponsors, they do their best to keep the team in a more family feel. Their main focus is maintaining the bonds that are created through well planned and executed events like Castle Conquest.

Your writing, roving photographer, Don “Hoof” Sutherland coming to you live at Castle Conquest!!


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2 thoughts on “Paintball Road Trip: Don Sutherland Live From Castle Conquest

  1. I love the story and the new team seems really cool..but i would like to add one thing and i do believe from who i met of the team and what i seen that one other person should have been named also and that would be team player …and named team mom …who does alot to help set up and get stuff together ..and that would be good girl…(i also thought she did most of the shirt ordering and making?

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