HELP WANTED: Want to Play with a World Champions Paintball Team?

New Woodsballer?
Old Skooler?

Looking to get into woodsball competition?

Have we got an opportunity for YOU!

One of the most famous and highly respected woodsball tournament teams in the history of the game is coming out of retirement and might just need your help.

The Master Blasters of New York, a World Champion class team has come out of retirement in order to support the industry’s renewed interest in woodsball play!

1990 World Champions

The Master Blasters will be appearing at the Ultimate Woodsball League’s Chicago tournament on June 26th & 27th at the Badlandz Paintball Park and will also be appearing at the Woodsball World Cup at Paintball Sports NY on September 10th, 11th and 12th.

They’ll no doubt be tearing the field up at other events in-between, and YOU could be playing with them!

Want to see more competition in the woods?  This is your chance to help support the leagues and events that are trying to bring back this version of the game:  old skoolers like Tommy Cole, who runs the Ultimate Woodsball League, or Jerry Braun who’s hosting the Woodsball World Cup.

And there just ain’t no better way to show your support than to play – and how many times do you get a chance to play with a World Championship Team?  (Like, uhhh, never…)

There are currently two slots open and given the magnitude of this opportunity, it is unlikely that they’ll stay open long.  Don’t let this chance slip by you – get your resume in now!

For further details or to submit your resume, please contact


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