Movies For Paintballers: Kick-Ass

So, like, how could a movie called Kick-Ass not be a movie for ‘ballers?

It can’t.  There is just no way that K-A is not a movie for paintballers.

Most war flicks, revenge films, science fiction (fantasy flicks, so long as they have a battle scene or two) and superhero movies are fodder for paintballers – the age bracket is the right demographics, the subjects involve fantasizing to some degree or other and

people get shot, punched, kicked, blown-up, blown-down and blown-out.  Maybe shot and blown-up, or set on fire and exploded or perhaps even chopped into tiny little pieces and then scattered all over the landscape by military hardware that is absolute overkill for whatever  the situation happens to be.

Stuff blowing up and bad guys getting theirs is what good old American movies are supposed to be all about.

Kick-Ass does not disappoint on this score.

And what about Hit Girl?  Is it really too much to listen to an 11 year old girl in ponytails curse like a Bangkok hooker who’s just been stiffed (and not in a good way?)  Isn’t there something wrong with a cute little pre-teen who slits people’s throats, gouges out eyeballs, steps on sensitive parts and always seems to have a gun in her hand?

In a word – NO.

Hit Girl is just way too cool for school.   If she bothers you, go watch a rerun of Little House on the Prairie because Toto, this movie is not in Kansas anymore!

I’m wondering how long it’s going to be before we see an all female paintball team called The Hit Girls…?

Kick-Ass (based on the comic series of the same name)

is not your normal superhero.  In fact, Dave Liszewski is just a normal teenager who decides that since no one else has ever tried to become a superhero, he may as well give it a shot.

The results and final outcome are both hilarious and rewarding.

Dave soon discovers that desire and a tad bit of insanity are insufficient skills for a superhero, but he persists long enough to gain a rep for himself on MySpace and Youtube.

Which brings him to the attention of Big Daddy and Hit Girl, a father-daughter team of true crime fighters;  it also brings Kick-Ass to the attention of Mr. D’Amico, the local drug kingpin and crime boss, and D’Amico’s wannabe crimeboss son, who also happens to be a wannabe superhero named Red Mist.

As you might expect, everyone eventually ends up together, but no one brings the milk and cookies.

Acting was a bit rough in places; the musical score was a bit weak towards the end and the flick suffers from middle-of-the-movie slowdown syndrome; reaction to the film has been mixed (though I expect that the dividing line will see most paintballers over on the ‘liked-it’ side for obvious reasons): if you liked Kill Bill, if excessive amounts of blood do not bother you and if you think an 11 year old reprising Trinity’s scene in the office building (Matrix) is a neat idea, then Kick-Ass is your kind of movie!

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