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The National Professional Paintball League (NPPL) has gone through many changes over the past 18 years. We’ve seen this sport come out of the woods, into public arenas where thousands of fans can cheer on their favorite team. 2010 will mark another year of change. With a new company ran by teams and players, the NPPL will once again strive to be a leader in the Sport of Paintball.

Here are some of the new changes to look forward to in the 2010 NPPL Super 7 World Series:

Veteran player and major paintball industry icon Tom Cole, has signed on to be NPPL Ultimate at every event for 2010. Widely respected by players of all levels, Tom’s wealth of knowledge and paintball experience will be a great asset to the league. He is also running the Ultimate Woodsball League (UWL) and travels the world representing Kingman. Tom will be working closely with Dan Perez and the NPPL Rules Committee to ensure incredible reffing this season.

The NPPL Super 7 Rules Committee will be addressing and making changes to several rules such as the illegal marker penalties and will be considering the use of .50 caliber paintballs. Furthermore, the committee is addressing the color of Paintballs and the staining characteristics that paintballs leave on tents, chairs, equipment and public property. The Rules Committee will be contacting and working with manufacturers to address these issues. You will be receiving updates from the committee through our mailing list and website. To join our emailing list, visit

The league will be evaluating new divisions, game schedules, prize purses and over-all event management to continuously raise the level of event quality and create a positive experience for players, teams, sponsors and spectators alike.

The NPPL Super 7 World Series will be hosting Live Webcasts of the Huntington Beach and Vegas events. These state of the art Webcasts will once again bring the world of NPPL Super 7 Paintball events, athletes and sponsors to thousands of online viewers from around the world.

Several committees have also been formed to address different aspects of our sport such as Marketing, Sponsorships, Promotions, Licensing, Membership services, etc… If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out to us. We are scheduling a sponsors conference call in the next two weeks. If you’re a sponsor, please contact us for more information.

The NPPL Super 7 is also looking to add new Professional Teams to the 2010 season. This will be exciting as we continue to grow our professional athlete base and expand the reach of tournament paintball across the nation. The league will also be adding an incredible Feeder League system that will prepare teams for the National competitions and spotlight. We are looking to award points for teams competing in Sanctioned NPPL Feeder events and will release more details this January.

We are also working on a program where we can share ID Cards from Sanctioned Feeder Series.

Here is the Press Release regarding the 2010 NPPL Super 7 World Series Dates and Venues:

2010 NPPL Super 7 World Series Confirmed Dates and Venues The National Professional Paintball League (NPPL) is pleased to announce the full schedule for the 2010 NPPL Super 7 World Series. Teams can now reserve their spot to compete in any of these events through the mail with a check or money order and receive an early bird discount if paid by January 31st. Online registration will open at the end of January. See for more details. Note: There will be a limit on the number of teams per division so reserve your spot now!

Huntington Beach, CA April 9 – 11, 2010 Spring Break, On the Beach Kicking off the season once again on the beach of Huntington Beach, California – during Spring Break – the NPPL Surf City Open will be along the south side of the famous HB Pier with 100,000 spring breakers hanging out on the beach, watching you play paintball on April 9 – 11, 2010. This event has been voted year after year as the most popular paintball event in the world. Tens of thousands of spectators fill the busy tradeshow and cheer from the packed stands as they watch their favorite teams from around the world compete on the greatest stage in Paintball history. This is the event you don’t want to miss. Paintball does not get any better than this with the insane trade show, parties, shopping, sunny Southern California weather and Disneyland is only a 30 minute drive away. Teams can register through the mail at any time with a check or money order. See for more details. Chicago, IL

May 29 – 31, 2010 CPX Sports, Living Legends plus NPPL The NPPL Super 7 World Series will be returning to Chicago, Illinois Memorial Day Weekend! What’s even better is that this event will be held in conjunction with one of the greatest Scenario Big Games in Paintball – Living Legends at CPX Sports. To run fluidly along with the Living Legends event, and to make the most of the holiday weekend, the NPPL Super 7 event will take place on Saturday and Sunday with all final games being played on Monday, Memorial Day. This is a change from the traditional Friday through Sunday format, but we know that students will appreciate not having to miss School to compete in this event! This will truly be an event for the history books with over 3,000 players expected to compete. For more information on Chicago’s Premier Paintball Field, visit

Washington D.C. August 6 – 8, 2010 Pevs Paintball Park Being labeled as the top tournament paintball park and practice training facility in the Nation, Pevs Paintball Park boasts nothing but state of the art facilities and amenities that, when coupled with their fantastic staff, make NPPL events at Pev’s a great experience. Being located just minutes from all the historic sites of Washington D.C. makes this a great event for friends and family to attend as well. Frank Connell of Professional team St. Louis Avalanche put it best by stating “The D.C Open presented by the NPPL and Pev’s Paintball was by far the best run paintball tournament I have ever attended in my 15 years of playing Professional Paintball. The venue was superb and the playing turf was pristine. I was impressed with the support from the county and local companies in Virginia that was given for the event.” Huge statewide support including sponsorship from Land Rover and many other businesses can be expected once again at Pevs. This year will also include an All Star Event matching East Coast vs West Coast. Visit for all the exciting details! For more information on Pev’s Paintball Park, or to set up a team practice, visit Las Vegas, NV October 2010 World Championships On the Vegas Strip The surprise of the 2009 season was the league landing the greatest venue for exposing our sport to the masses – and we are excited to return to the world-famous Las Vegas strip in 2010! All teams are welcome to compete in this World Championship event to see how they fair against teams from around the world. Come and shop the tradeshow with all of the 2011 gear straight from the manufacturers! Come and watch the top teams from around the world face off for the World Championship Title! Player parties, industry parties, celebrity poker tournament… the NPPL Super 7 World Championship in Las Vegas is the party of the year! Don’t miss out! For more information on the NPPL and the 2010 season, please visit and sign up for the league emailing list. The NPPL Super 7 World Series is back – and 2010 could possibly be the greatest season yet. Much more information will be released in the weeks to come. Thank you for your support and passion for this great sport of Paintball.

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