Engler Custom Paintball Guns Stocks Hammerhead Paintball Barrels


Engler Custom Paintball Guns is proud to announce that it is now stocking all models of Hammerhead Paintball Barrels.

We have been using the Hammerhead barrel in all of our custom guns for some time now and since their release in our personal team guns.

Now we are able to offer the full Hammerhead line to our customers, shipping directly from our location.

This removes all shipping delays to our customers and allows them to pick and choose the Hammerhead kit they want.

The HammerHead® rifled paintball barrel is the next revolution in competitive paintball barrel design. True reverse porting and precision rifling make it unbeatable both in accuracy and sound displacement, a combination that can’t be matched by any competitor.

Under development for more then 6 years, HammerHead® is the state of the art in barrel engineering. We invite you to test our barrel against the current line of competitors, and discover for yourself why we believe this barrel will be the last one you’ll buy.

HammerHead® Advantages:
Accuracy, Tighter Ball Grouping, Quieter, Lighter, Less Sensitive to Paint Quality. Available in a a wide variety of lengths for virtually any paintball gun.


We look forward to continuing to offer HammerHead barrels on all our custom guns, as we believe there is no better barrel.

Eric Engler

Engler Custom Paintball Guns

P: 802.644.8993
F: 866.486.7794


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