VFTD’s Baca Loco is Comin At Ya!

company-logo-68caliber-125 The mysterious, infamous Baca Loco, tournament player, commentator and author of The View From The Deadbox blog, will be joining 68Caliber with a regular weekly feature, starting very, very soon.

Word from BL via email is that he is polishing off his first entry which will concern the rise of Mil-Sim play.  Baca Loco will be writing a weekly column for the blog section of 68Caliber and, like the offerings on his blog, we’re sure that they will always be thought-provoking – if not down-right controversial.

While you’re waiting and anticipating his first piece (keep a napkin handy for the drool), you can slake your thirst by visiting his blog THE VIEW FROM THE DEADBOX.

Baca Loco joins BigEvil (Tunaball and the Big Evil Online forum) and Israel Lagares (Social Paintball) on 68Caliber’s weekly line-up.  We’ll have more updates on their offerings as they finish off their introductory pieces.

If you’ve got something to say and think that it would make an interesting feature for 68Caliber’s weekly blog roll, drop us a line and make your pitch!

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